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Over the last 15 years, I've worked as an antiquarian bookseller, ESL tutor, writing professor, copywriter, content strategist, event planner, proofreader, wrapping paper designer, and fashion expert. (It's true.) 

Through it all, I've always been a storyteller. 

As deputy editor of two major media brands, my primary responsibility is to protect the voice and tone of our distinct newsrooms. I've also been tasked with making crucial journalistic and editorial decisions on behalf of our chief story officer when needed. I lead a team of Pacific and Mountain time staff writers and editors, along with dozens of freelancers around the world.

Previously, I owned GOOD's most ambitious print, digital, and video content as features editor; before that, I oversaw our client content. And I'll never forget my previous life as a luxury watch journalist — a gig that required me to travel to Switzerland, interview astronauts and millionaires, chase vintage yachts in a motorboat on the Atlantic ocean, and do a couple loop-the-loops in an acrobatic plane.

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