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Quarterly academic journal Ethics Review had a cover story about the term “trigger warning” and its effect on universities nationwide. Primarily used by millennial media outlets and blogs, the cautionary phrase made its way into undergrad and even grad level syllabi.

Haute Couture Horology

Haute Couture Horology

As managing editor of Tourneau's digital publication Our Minutes, I was there from the beginning, overseeing the site design, editorial vision, and content cadence (though, unfortunately, not the name!). Over the course of my editorial reign, I covered hotly anticipated international trade shows, yachting regattas, and art openings*; produced practical service journalism; and coordinated interviews and contests with business titans, students*, and watch nerds, as well as influencers like cult icon and high-fashion illustrator Katie Rodgers* (a.k.a. Paper Fashion), Wristi, astronaut Mark Kelly*, and the film team behind Veronica Mars

Though the site went defunct just 6 months after I moved on to my next role, it was profitable in its first year, and its imprint remains via the syndication partnerships I forged with prominent websites in the industry like Men's Health and TimeZone, as well as in earned media coverage

*Incomplete archive via the Wayback Machine